Roof Leaks

 Leak repairs are our specialty.  Some companies will automatically bid to re-roof half the roof or even the entire roof rather than just the area needing repaired. We are confident in our leak repairs so we don’t have to bid to re-roof half of the house in order to fix a small leak. We warranty the leak repair for 2 years, however, if after the warranty has expired and the same area is continuing to leak, we will repair the same area if we feel that it is the fault of the original labor and installation. We guarantee the leak will be fixed even if we need to come back several times to hunt down the source. And we never charge a trip charge for warranty repairs.
If your felt paper is curling and exposing the plywood, call Harper's Roofing to replace before the rains flow right in.
Leaves and debris in your roof valleys will eventually cause roof leaks as it won't allow the rain to drain.  Ask Harper's Roofing about annual and bi-annual roof cleanings and inspections.
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